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TikTok Banned in Montana

Bill S. 419 Has Passed

TikTok was banned in Montana. The governor of Montana passed Bill S. 419, stating that the popular app TikTok will be banned for state users in January of 2024. They will have the app blocked from being able to download it on the Google Play Store and the App store.

If able to download, actions could be taken, and fines could be issued. State Rep. Brandon Ler has stated that “the app steals information and data.” This has been a concern for the state due to TikTok collecting personal data.

TikTok Privacy Concerns

It is known that the site once downloaded can access your camera, text messages, search history, microphone, pictures and more. This information is confirmed by the United States government. The problem is not that they are collecting data because most platforms do.

Source Twitter

The problem is that the company is sharing and selling Americans data to the Chinese Government. The Trump and Biden administration have both talked about banning the app across the States, claiming that having it in your pocket is a National Security risk. Both Presidents do not agree on much, but they have found common ground on this one subject. President Bidens council advised him not to download the app.

National Security Risk

The White House planned on having a get together with a few TikTok influencers to boost morale. But Bidens council quickly advised him not to continue with the meet up. Noting that the influencers could take photos of the White House room with unknowingly giving the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) access to the sensitive information.

Source Jim Baker Show

Since this event the President has talked about shutting the app down nationally, though this is not talked about on many news platforms. Meanwhile, TikTok is lobbying to fight against the attack. Commenting that TikTok “Reassures Montanans that they can continue using TikTok to express themselves, earn a living, and find community.”

This is the possible benefit of TikTok, the youth of America feels that the app was replacement of the late Vine. Which is now nostalgic and greatly looked back upon. TikTok has done a lot of good with bringing people together, it has also torn peers apart. There will be an outrage against the ban once the bill passes. What do you think could happen if TikTok is banned Nationwide?

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