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Advancements in AI

Advancements in Mental Health

AI is advancing more and more by the second. Users are using AI for quick answers, resume creation and general questions. More Tech and Science professionals are using these advancements to change the trajectory of life itself.

Doctors have used the technology to spot depression in teens, to be able to determine if the child is more likely to commit suicide. They are feeding personal data to its system, then the AI will assess the data to see if the teen is at risk. This innately helps the children get help before an unseemly fate.

AI Takeover

AI has been collecting data from the world wide web for 10 to 20 years. Collecting data from places such as Google and Facebook. Basically, being able to grow up alongside its audience. The data stored is now capable to help AI make life changing decisions.

Meredith Whitaker says, “a system sold as a human replacement and built for profit.” AI is able to hold information and make decisions based on the information received.

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AGI Takeover

The creator of the popular app ChatGPT has stated in interviews that he wants to create AGI. AGI is Artificial General Intelligence, a major step up from AI. He wants to create an AGI will think for itself and is not limited by the parameters of human control.

He wants to create a technology smarter than humans themselves. An AGI that can make decisions based on its own merit and to have full control. Sources state that he will be working with Microsoft to make this dream a reality. Most AI experts resist the idea of giving AI full control because they believe it would be a mistake.

This begs the question who will regulate the AGI systems if they are able to make their own decisions? Will the government step in and add guidelines to its expansive reach of knowledge?

This instance reminds me of the book 1984, in which Big Brother ruled the world. Where the eye was watching everyone, and nothing was left unseen. Will AGI be able to use our data against us, to be able to control us? Or is this just thinking ahead?

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AI Curing Cancer

It seems that some AI advancements are generally good. They have now been able to use this technology to detect cancer in the brain. Doctors can submit CT scans of a human brain and the AI will be able to predict where a tumor might grow in the future.

This is a great advancement, in my opinion. Most doctors have failed to find cancerous tumors in the brain, leading to patients suffering. If this advancement will be able to detect a tumor two years in advance, more lives would be saved.

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