Tuesday , 28 May 2024
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Importance of Ocean Floor Raised by Seabed 2030

Earth’s ocean floors remain among the most poorly understood areas on the planet. Seabed 2030 was formed in response to increased interest from...

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NASA Contact with Voyager 2 Reestablished

UPDATE: As of 12:29 AM EDT on August 4, NASA has restored contact with Voyager 2. The organizations Deep Space Station 43 at...


FDA Fully Approves Alzheimer’s Drug Meant to Slow Down The Disease

Photo Source: Denis Balibouse/Reuters The FDA fully approved the drug, Leqembi on Thursday, which slows down the progression of Alzherimer’s disease within its...

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Advancements in AI

Advancements in Mental Health AI is advancing more and more by the second. Users are using AI for quick answers, resume creation and...