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Remains of British Actor Julian Sands found

Unidentified remains found.

After a grueling six-month search. Last month, A group of California hikers found unidentified human remains near the Mount Baldy Wilderness Area around the approximate area where British actor Julian Sands was reported missing in January. 

The hikers discovered the remains in the late morning on June 24th. Fontana authorities took the deceased to the coroner’s office for identification. After a three-day autopsy later the Fontana coroner’s office confirmed via press release that the remains found belonged to the 65-year-old actor. Details on Sand’s death are still being investigated by authorities.

The Search for Sands

Julian Sands, was an avid outdoorsman and hiking enthusiast. Sands went on a hiking trip in January 2023. His wife Evgenia Citkowitz was concerned that her husband hadn’t called her. She called San Bernardino County authorities on January 13th around 7:30 in the evening. Authorities sent out a search team for the hikers but had to quickly pull back due to the severe weather.

On that same day, another hiker went missing; 75-year-old Jin Chung of North Hollywood was supposed to meet with two other hikers. He failed to show.

On January 23rd, rescuers entered their 11th day. Julian Sand’s family released a statement:

Source: San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department

Something happened the next day, they found Jin Chung alive. Chung sustained injuries weather-related injuries and fractured leg. However, Chung was able to communicate with authorities and with assistance was able to walk. Chung was lifted into an ambulance and transported to a local hospital where he made a full recovery.

Source Flipboard

Despite finding Chung alive. Sands’s Brother Nick Sands still feared the worst in an interview with the BBC he said:

“I have already said my goodbyes. I have come to terms with the fact he’s gone and for me, that’s how I’ve dealt with it. We are all still hoping I guess, but I know he’s gone in my mind and because of that I’ve already said my goodbyes.”

Unfortunately, they wouldn’t find Sands until 6 months later.

Terror on Mount Baldy

Julian Sands was one of many that Mount Baldy claimed over the winter season. Residents of the area found an additional body in February. Relaunching the search for Sands, they found more bodies.

A female hiker perished during her climb mere days before Sands’s disappearance. The hiker suffered a fall from a steep and icy cliff edge. She sent out an SOS to emergency services, but unfortunately, the woman had succumbed to her injuries by the time they arrived.

While two other couples had to be rescued during the Holiday season after being stranded on the mountain.

Originally reported by the BBC, last year Julian Sand in an interview with Radio Times. Julian spoke that he was aware of the increasing dangers of the mountain.

Partly because they find, with climate change, the rock faces have become much more unstable.” He continued “If you don’t really have the desire, the focus for climbing a route, if you’re not absolutely committed, it becomes much more dangerous and it’s a much more deflating experience.” Lastly, “If you can deal with dangerous mountains, you can certainly deal with life as an actor – the two are quite complementary.

Reaction to Sands passing

The news of Julian Sands’s passing traveled through Hollywood stunning his co-stars. One was Melanie Lynskey, who met Sands on the set of the 2001 film Rose Red. Lynskey left a heartfelt message on her Instagram thanking Julian for all the wonderful memories he left her with.

Nick Sands, Julian Sands’s brother, told the BBC last Thursday that the support was been overwhelming.

“I guess I will grieve and celebrate in equal measure and for those of you who knew him you will understand the great loss of an extraordinary brother, husband, father, uncle, and grandfather.”

Julian’s family released a statement:

Source: San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department

Fans of Julian took to Twitter to express their sorrow and admiration for the late actor calling him “erratic, intelligent and a beautiful person.” Sharing photographs and clips of their favorite scenes from his videography.

Julian Sands Legacy

Julian Sands began his television acting career in 1982 as an extra in the Television series Play for Today. He continued to play extras until 1984’s Oscar-winning biography The Killing Fields where he was cast as Jon Swain. His next film would turn into a household name. He would star in 1985 Academy Award-Winning film James Ivory’s A Room with a View.

He received a nomination for Best Actor in the Fangoria Chainsaw 1991 Awards for his role in Warlock. Winning the IFFPIE Special Jury Award in 2012 for his role in The Maiden and the Princess short film. Sands’s final role will be in the upcoming thriller Double Soul.

Julian Sands married twice with whom he a had child with both. Julian Sands is survived by his four siblings Robin, Quentin, Jeremey, and Nick Sands. His wife of 33 years Evgenia Citkowitz, their two children, and his son Henry Sands who he had in a previous marriage.

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