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Kenya Starvation Cult

Photo Source CBC

Over 200 Bodies Found in Kenya

News update today, Kenya officials have found over 200 dead bodies in an 800-acre forest. The bodies are a part of a cult group led by a false prophet, Paul Mackenzie.

The leader was recently arrested with his wife and 16 other cult members. He will be facing a judge at the end of May for spreading false beliefs.

The Cult Leaders Origin

Mackenzie started off as a taxi driver and then became very religious and spread his beliefs to the people around him. He convinced a fellow taxi driver and his family to join his cult.

His co-worker realized after two years of being a part of the group that something is not right about his teachings. He is one of the lucky ones, he got out before things became deadly.

Paul Mackenzie’s brother told reporters that he did not believe in the school’s education system. Stating that ‘worldly education does not help anyone’. He did not believe in the hospital system and that if you were sick do not go and get treated.

Reports from the President of Kenya says that Mackenzie told his followers to starve themselves because the world was ending soon. Preaching that Jesus is coming back and the best way to be saved by him is to die from starvation.

Teaching his following that death is just a phase to surpass and claiming that in mid-April the world as they knew it would end.

Photo Source Reuters

Missing Loved Ones

Many relatives and friends went to the site to look for their lost family members. They say that mostly mothers were in the group and took their children along with them.

The coroner’s reported that there were an unbelievable number of deceased children at the dreadful scene. Young children and the elderly have a weaker immune system therefore they weren’t able to withstand starvation as much as the surviving adults.

Paul Mackenzie used the bible to take lives for his own self reasons. President William Ruto states that “who want to use religion to advance weird, unacceptable ideology” in addition to calling him a fake ministers terrorist.

Mass Grave Site in Kenya

The Kenyan police were tipped off by Hussein Khalid an executive director at Haki Africa. He says that “The horror that we have seen over the last four days is traumatizing.”

Photo Source ABC News

Many bodies placed in the morgue; the Kenya hospitals told them there were no more spaces for the deceased. That the morgues had a capacity of only 40 bodies with a total of over 200 found. The bodies found badly beaten with signs of strangulation and starvation.

Kindiki tells Reuters reporters “We pray that GOD will help them to go through the trauma, to help them recover and tell the story of how one time a fellow Kenyan, a fellow human, decided to hurt so many people, heartlessly, hiding under the Holy Scriptures.”

In recent updates there has been 10 more grave sights found by Kenyan Police. Mackenzie appeared in court recently and stated that “It’s just a matter of intimidation and wasting of others time.” He does not seem to be mournful of all the deaths on his hands.

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