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FDA Approves Neuralink for Human Trials

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The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved human clinical trials for Tech company Neuralink. Neuralink is specifically for anyone that is physically impaired. Elon Musk has been working on the project Neuralink since 2016. Now they are accepting applications for anyone interested in the experimental product.

The FDA shut down their application to go forward with human trials in 2022. Now things have changed, the company has been more successful with their experiments being tested on animals. In the past they tested pigs and monkeys with much success. Now are moving forward with human experimentation.

What Is Neuralink?

Neuralink is a technological implant inserted into the brain. The device can help those unable to move, use their eyesight as a ‘telekinetic’ force says Musk. He explains it almost like a superpower granted through AI. AI is in fact the right term to use. This implant is AI based and AI installed.

Source Fortune

The implant will be inserted through an AI robot named R1. Musk has stated that the implant could not be inserted through a surgeon because it would not be precise. AI has advanced this experimental implant into a movie like atmosphere.

What does Neuralink do?

Neuralink is said to help move a cursor on technology devices such as a phone or a computer. It can supposably help restore vision by giving the brain electro currents. They can also put the implant in your spine, that helps to get your limbs moving.

They tested a pig and inserted the implant in its spine. During testing they were able to move the limb remotely without him doing anything. This can initially make the paralyzed walk again. The Neuralink can essentially control the mind and the body through a computer.

Downside to Neuralink

The downsides to Neuralink are risking your life in a human trial with something so unknown to us. There is also a cybersecurity risk. The device that can control the mind and body could easily be corrupted and hacked.

Source Road to VR

Meaning that if someone gets the implant inserted in their spine, someone else could hack it and take control over their body. This is a scary but realistic thought. In an age where cybersecurity is lacking, we need to know if Neuralink can be trusted with our minds and bodies.

Not to mention all the complications that could go wrong. Who knows what could happen in the emergency room, while getting the procedure. They also do not know the side effects of the procedure. We don’t know if it will affect the way the individuals think.

We don’t know much of anything about the product besides what it does. It is meant to help the disabled but at what cost? We don’t know the true danger behind the technology involved. It’s clear we might not get the full story until the trials begin.

Who can apply for human trials?

Anyone over 18, that may have a variety of problems with brain and spinal trauma. Ranging from quadriplegia, paraplegia, vision loss, hearing loss and the inability to speak. Neuralink mission statement states that it plans to “restore capabilities such as vison, motor function, speech, and eventually expand how we experience the world’. neuralink.com/#mis

Source Legit.ng

Elon Musk plans to change the world with this experiment since the trials have been approved. The company has listed the application on their website for anyone disabled wanting to test out the implant.

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