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Hilary Has Passed Over Baja California, Southern California

The storm Hilary made landfall on August 20 in Baja California, then continued into Southern California. High winds and significant rainfall for the...

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Authorities Receive Criticism for Maui Wildfire Response

The significant loss of life and destruction caused by the Maui wildfire has sparked controversy over the response from county and state officials....

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Importance of Ocean Floor Raised by Seabed 2030

Earth’s ocean floors remain among the most poorly understood areas on the planet. Seabed 2030 was formed in response to increased interest from...

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Classic Learning Test Adopted by Florida’s DeSantis Administration

Florida’s adoption of the Classic Learning Test (CLT) expands options for testing into public colleges and universities in the state. The test was...

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Ganassi and Penske’s Indy Car Rivalry Continues in 2023

There are and have been many sports rivalries over the years, ranging from the Giants and Dodgers in Baseball to the Lakers and...

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NASA Contact with Voyager 2 Reestablished

UPDATE: As of 12:29 AM EDT on August 4, NASA has restored contact with Voyager 2. The organizations Deep Space Station 43 at...

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California AB 645 Draws Controversy

The California Senate is considering AB 645, legislation which will legalize speed cameras for trial runs in several urban localities in the state....

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Ukraine Receives Continued Commitment from NATO

Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine on February 24th, 2022. This invasion of Ukraine, a sovereign nation, galvanized NATO and its members to...

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Russia’s War with Ukraine Prods Nordic Nations to NATO

Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine on February 24th, 2022. This escalation of war between the two countries caused many to rethink the...


Sound of Freedom Highlights Child Trafficking and Modern Slavery

The film Sound of Freedom, based on real events related to child trafficking and the global sex trade, has proven to be a...

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NASA Artemis I Launch Paves Way for Moon Landing

President George W. Bush declared in January 2004 that the Space Shuttle Program would be formally ended once the International Space Station was...